Outfit of the day!

image image image image image image imageSo here is a quick post of my style today! I’m feeling all girly with my wild berry, deep purple, pastel tones, floral patterns and delicate jewellery.

By the way… Apologies for the rubbish blogging, it’s busy when I am in 3rd year of uni, attending fashion buying interviews and working in retail! Will all be worth it though 🙂
After a stressful few weeks, this pretty outfit calmed me down, made me feel and look glorious, with a chic but chilled style.

even the nails are coated with a candy floss pink, with a textured substance, giving this style that quirky but feminine style.

Grab this style at Aldo, Topshop, Miss Selfridges and Primark…. Ooh and my handmade silk scarf.
These colours and designs are utterly perfect to brighten up a rainy day!


About katiehorodecki

I am a print design student currently in my last year of university. I have a passion for fashion and always looking to inspire bloggers! I have been lucky enough to work as an intern for three companies including Marc Jacobs :) which was totally amazing! Jewellery and printed blouses are my fave! Follow me lovelies :)
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