Back to vintage…

Love a good vintage piece.

Vintage Reflection

winter_walk_005winter_walkI’m back to vintage, after having a “I love the high street phase” I’m itching to dress head to toe in vintage again. Long time followers of my blog, will  know that I have these phases but my true love lies with vintage and thrift clothing. It’s nice to pop into Topshop and just buy an item without searching or altering it before wearing. Also I get put off traipsing around flea markets and charity stores in the winter months, especially when it’s tipping it down outside. When you can visit a shopping center and its all nicely indoors for you… But the vintage bug is back, I’m hoping in February we’ll go on a thrifting shopping trip over at Brick Lane (for my Birthday!). Which also as many of you have requested, I’m starting researching and compiling a vintage shopping guide, so watch this space!!
winter_walk_044winter_walk_029These photos were taken…

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I am a print design student currently in my last year of university. I have a passion for fashion and always looking to inspire bloggers! I have been lucky enough to work as an intern for three companies including Marc Jacobs :) which was totally amazing! Jewellery and printed blouses are my fave! Follow me lovelies :)
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