Pastels from Primark.




So today I had a little peak in Primark…I should be saving but I allowed myself a trip to Primark 🙂
Filled with pretty pastel knits, blouses and dazzling jewels I got very distracted and allowed myself to buy everything that I loved… 😀
A pretty mink coloured blouse with cute collar for just £8.00
Sea blue knitted sweater £10.00
Stack of rings £1.50
Baby pink circle ring £1.00
Statement necklace £5.00
All for just under £30.00… I totally think it’s a bargain and one to be proud of 😉
The cute blouse will sit perfectly under the sweater, giving this outfit a smart/casual chic style. Statement necklaces are so HOT right now and perfect for jazzing up a plain sweater, the combination of these perfect purchases completes a perfect style for me!


About katiehorodecki

I am a print design student currently in my last year of university. I have a passion for fashion and always looking to inspire bloggers! I have been lucky enough to work as an intern for three companies including Marc Jacobs :) which was totally amazing! Jewellery and printed blouses are my fave! Follow me lovelies :)
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