How to survive as an intern……

So I am now in my third and last year of university studying a creative degree and as most students will know it is scary and daunting. The creative industry is one competitive place to be in and I totally would advise getting some experience on that CV. I have always wanted to work in the fashion industry, ever since I cut my mums curtains at the age of 7… don’t try it! I always enjoyed drawing, dressing up and reading cosmopolitan and Elle! I knew that the fashion industry is where I wanted to be and that I would do anything to get that experience onto my CV. After endless emails and rejections, I bagged myself four internships in the space of a year and I would recommend an internship to anyone wanting to gain hands on experience in the industry. I have been lucky enough to work for print designer Hermione De Paula, printmaking at the South Bank gallery, sales and buying company Brand National and the amazing Marc Jacobs. I have learnt so much about the industry from working as an intern and whether it is running day to day errands.. Believe me it is worth every moment! I have listed some things that you should never do as as intern! Hope this helps 🙂 

1: Never say no to making hot drinks, always offer and I guarantee it will go along way. 

2: Don’t overdress… It doesn’t look great when your wearing 5 inch heels running around factories. 

3: Keep your guard up… Fashion can be a dog eat dog world.

4: Be yourself… It has worked for me…. 🙂

5: Try and get yourself a part time job.. This will help pay your way as an intern.. remember its unpaid work! 

6: Do your research on the company that your applying for.. Not knowing the collection can be quite embarrassing.

7: Even when times are hard.. Keep your head up and stay strong! You need a backbone for this industry.

8: Don’t complain about running errands.. Remember it’s your job and it’s all experience.

9: Take advantage of all the fashion shows, parties and meetings… This will find you contacts for future work.

10: This is the most important one… Never give up!! Finish that placement and onto the next.. 🙂

I hope this as helped you! Now to get searching for those placements!

Good Luck.



About katiehorodecki

I am a print design student currently in my last year of university. I have a passion for fashion and always looking to inspire bloggers! I have been lucky enough to work as an intern for three companies including Marc Jacobs :) which was totally amazing! Jewellery and printed blouses are my fave! Follow me lovelies :)
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